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Spectre 3.0 Ardus Accessories


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  • USD $449.00

    SC Spectre 3.0 Ardus Limited Edition Elite

    Spectre 3.0 Elite replaces the front and/or top radiator panels with a distribution plate. This enhances the transparent ‘Spectral’ look of the case, further showing off the coolant and internal components. The Spectre 3.0 Elite distribution plate has an inlet and an outlet. When installed on the front panel the ports are at the top and when installed on the top panel the ports are at the back so that they are close to the ports on the distribution plate. Connections can be made to and from either the radiators, other components in the build or the Spectre 3.0 main distribution plate. Radiators can still be attached and there is space all the way around the perimeter of the distribution plate for airflow. There is an LED strip position on the edge of the distribution plate and an included ARGB 5V Addressable 50cm LED strip. Spectre 3.0 Ardus Limited Edition Elite is specially designed for Ardus Limited Edition cases. The metal radiator mount matches the Ardus Graphite (Dark Silver) custom paint. The LED Cover is frosted black to match the rear cover panels on Ardus. [sf_iconbox image="fas fa-comment-dollar" character="" color="secondary-accent" type="left-icon" title="20% Discount" link="" target="_self" animation="" animation_delay="200"] Get 20% Discount for additional Spectre 3.0 Ardus Elite Kit [/sf_iconbox]
    USD $449.00
    USD $449.00