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SC Arterial Dual 360mm Water-Box - Black

  • USD $749.00

    SC Arterial Dual 360mm Water-Box – Black

    Arterial is a dedicated high-end water-cooling enclosure with a distribution plate which integrates the reservoir, pump tops and pump covers. It fits dual 85mm thick 360mm radiators, push pull fans and a dual D5 configuration in series. The flow layout has the pumps right before the outlet to the system, then returning from the system the flow splits into parallel and runs through both radiators at the same time, then back to the reservoir. The reservoir volume is large to make filling easier and there is an internal and external fill port. The inlet and outlet are on both the inside and outside of the enclosure allowing for three different potential connection points, the rear of the flight case and both sides. All components are CNC machined, the manifold is built from cast acrylic and the enclosure from 6061 aluminum with billet structural sections and 3mm sheet for the outer panels. The fasteners are stainless steel. Note: D5 Pumps not included. Custom hand built MDPC-X PowerBoard cables with a large range of sleeve colours available here Arterial Gallery
    USD $749.00
    USD $749.00