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SC PowerBoard EVGA E1

  • USD $349.00

    PowerBoard EVGA E1

    The EVGA E1 is an extremely unique open case with a Carbon Fiber frame which benefits greatly from our PowerBoard. The E1 has very little in the way of cable management and all the cables are fully visible from both sides of the case. With the PowerBoard cable management is perfected becoming almost unnecessary. PWM and ARGB hubs are integrated reducing the clutter of more cables and hubs. There are three direct connect 2.5” SATA mounts meaning there is no need for SATA Power Cables. There are x18 integrated ARGB LEDs meaning extra LED strips are not necessary. The PowerBoard also has other integrated features such as a touch activated power button and extra power and reset buttons. The water-cooling loop is also on full display from both sides in the E1 with some long tube runs are necessary. Singularity Computers PowerBoard: Introducing the Singularity Computers PowerBoard (US Patent Pending #547249821) a completely new take on computer cables and cable management. The idea first came about during the development of our first case Spectre 1.0. We were looking for a far more advanced method of integrating cables and cable management. The PowerBoard is essentially a distribution plate for cables. It eliminates the need for cable management, to integrate components into a single clean unit reducing clutter, to create something different which will contribute to a unique build!  
    USD $349.00
    USD $349.00