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SC Shift 6pin PCIE 180 Degree Adaptor U+D

  • USD $14.90

    Shift 6pin PCIE 180 Degree Adaptor U+D

    Singularity Computers Shift 24pin, EPS and PCIE adaptors are designed for use with the SC PowerBoard but can be used with any components or cables. The PCBs are custom designed with high quality components and a dual layer PCB. The PCB and connectors are black, and the PCBs have white logos and labelling. SC Shift Adaptors provide a range of options for cleanly routing your cables. There are 4 types of 6pin and 8pin PCIE adaptors because different GPU manufacturers mount the PCIE connectors facing different directions. Also, what you are connecting to on the other end may have the connectors facing a different direction such as the SC PowerBoard. Select from the adaptor range after planning out the motherboard and GPU you are using, if you are using horizontal or vertical GPU mounting and if you are using an SC PowerBoard.
    USD $14.90
    USD $14.90