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SC Shift Motherboard 24pin 90 Degree Adaptor

  • USD $19.90

    Shift Motherboard 24pin 90 Degree Adaptor

    Singularity Computers Shift 24pin, EPS and PCIE adaptors are designed for use with the SC PowerBoard but can be used with any components or cables. The PCBs are custom designed with high quality components and a dual layer PCB. The PCB and connectors are black, and the PCBs have white logos and labelling. SC Shift Adaptors provide a range of options for cleanly routing your cables. The SC Motherboard 24pin 90 Degree Adaptor is specifically designed to be used with the SC PowerBoard and motherboards with 90-degree 24pin connectors. It solves the problem of the connectors being too close together to make a clean connection with sleeved cables and the problem of the 180-degree flipped pinout. With this adaptor you can connect a sleeved 24pin cable from your SC PowerBoard to your motherboard without the cable being twisted.
    USD $19.90
    USD $19.90