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SC Spectrum 2.0 ARGB/UV 360mm LED Strip

  • USD $34.00

    SC 360mm Radiator ARGB/UV LED Strip

    A LED strip with ARGB and UV LEDs which can be mounted to a 360mm radiator. High LED density for maximum brightness with x25 ARGB LEDs and x25 UV LEDs. There is a small switch on the LED strip to switch between UV and ARGB. The LED strip comes with a CNC machined black acrylic mount which mounts it directly to a 360mm radiator or fans, it also has a light diffusor. Fasteners are not included because radiator fastener types vary. The LED strip is a compact hard PCB 6.35mm wide and 3.2mm high, it is 360mm long with a 500mm cable and cannot be cut to size. Warning: Only use on a 3pin ARGB header. Using on a 4pin RGB header will damage the LED strip and void your warranty.
    USD $34.00
    USD $34.00