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SC Wraith 2.0 Elite Front - Silver

  • USD $229.00

    SC Wraith 2.0 Elite Front – Silver

    Wraith 2.0 Elite replaces the front panel of Wraith 2.0 with a distribution plate. This enhances the transparency of the case even further, showing off more of the coolant and internals. The distribution plate has two ports, an inlet and outlet. When installed on the front panel the ports are at the bottom. Connections can be made to and from either the radiators, other components in the build, or the Wraith 2.0 main distribution plate. A front radiator can still be attached even when Wraith 2.0 Elite is installed. There are spacers for airflow all the way around the perimeter of the distribution plate. Wraith 2.0 Gallery [embed][/embed]
    USD $229.00
    USD $229.00