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Spectre 3.0 Integra Black

  • USD $1,599.00

    SC Spectre 3.0 Integra Black

    The next generation of Spectre has arrived with a new level of integration. Spectre 3.0 Integra has much of the water-cooling loop integrated with a completely new distribution plate design, with further enhancements to performance, filling and draining compared to previous Spectre versions. It has a fully integrated solution/replacement for cables with the Singularity Computers PowerBoard. Previously we have created PowerBoards for existing cases, but for Integra we have developed the PowerBoard and case together. This means that both have become far more streamlined, meaning more features and compatibility. The PowerBoard supports the most high-end components with x2 12VHPWR, x3 8pin PCIE and x4 8pin EPS. The case has more support for larger and wider motherboards than previous Spectre 3.0 versions. The PowerBoard has a range of new features, including built in filter capacitors, more integrated LEDs facing inwards and outwards, integrated direct connect SATA, power, and reset buttons, and a touch activated power button. There is now no rear access needed to the distribution plate layer due to the fully integrated PowerBoard, so all cables can be connected from the front and little to no cable management is needed. Black sleeved linking cables are included with the case, so no cables need to be purchased separately unless they require cables which are not included in the standard set (see specifications). Custom colored sleeved linking cables can be purchased separately. Integra has improved lighting features with integrated PowerBoard LEDs facing inwards towards the motherboard tray and outwards towards the distribution plate. There are two separate sets of LEDs for ARGB or UV, and they can be switched on or off, or from UV to ARGB via two switches on the PowerBoard. Note: D5 Pump not included. Cables & Adaptors Custom hand built MDPC-X PowerBoard cables with a large range of sleeve colours available here PowerBoard Cables are available here SC Shift Adaptors are available here Motherboards with 90 degree 24pin, EPS and/or 6pin PCIE supplementary power connections will require SC Shift Adaptors for clean cable routing. Spectre 3.0 Integra Gallery 12VHPWR PowerBoard Now Included with x2 12VHPWR and x3 8pin PCIE. [embed][/embed]  
    USD $1,599.00
    USD $1,599.00