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SC PowerBoard Spectre 3.0
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SC PowerBoard Spectre 3.0

USD $299.00

Introducing the Singularity Computers PowerBoard (US Patent Pending #547249821) a completely new take on computer cables and cable management. The idea first came about during the development of our first case Spectre 1.0. We were looking for a far more advanced method of integrating cables and cable management.
The PowerBoard is essentially a distribution plate for cables. It integrates and routes the 24pin, EPS and PCIE cables very close to the components so that standardized short cables can be used. This means that cable management is no longer necessary. It integrates ARGB and PWM hubs and on some PowerBoards SATA. The PowerBoard also has integrated ARGB LEDs placed to light up the PowerBoard and/or surrounding components.
The purpose of the PowerBoard is to eliminate the need for cable management, to integrate components into a single clean unit reducing clutter, to create something different which will contribute to a unique build!

ETA: 2 weeks

Available at & Highflow

The first batch is sold out but a limited number of PowerBoards will be available at:

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SC PowerBoard Spectre 3.0

The SC PowerBoard Spectre 3.0 fits onto the rear side of the motherboard tray in Spectre 3.0, Spectre 3.0 Penumbra and Spectre 3.0 Antumbra. It integrates the 24pin, EPS, PCIE, and ARGB and PWM hubs. It also integrates ARGB LEDs optimally positioned around the perimeter of the PowerBoard to make the Spectre 3.0 Distribution Plate glow much brighter and more evenly. It standardizes cable lengths and eliminates the need for cable management. Integrating all these components into one creates a far cleaner build!


24pin Input & Output.
8pin EPS Inputs x2 Outputs x4. (A total of 6 EPS and PCIE outputs can be used at the same time).
8pin PCIE Inputs x4 Outputs x4. (A total of 6 EPS and PCIE outputs can be used at the same time. It is a short cable run to go direct to the PSU if you are using 2x GPUs each with 3x 8pin PCIE).
PWM Inputs x1 Outputs x3.
ARGB Inputs x2 Outputs x11.
Please refer to documentation for full details on the connectors and wiring/pinouts.

Specifications & Included Items

Singularity Computers PowerBoard Spectre 3.0.
Product Weight: 0.5kg.
Product Dimensions: H: 420mm x W: 233mm x Thickness: 16mm.
Packaged Dimensions: W: 395mm x L: 430mm x H: 40mm.
Packaged Weight: 1kg.
M4 x6mm Button Head Hex Stainless Steel: x 12.
Male Threaded Standoff Brass 6mm (F) 6mm: x12.
Cables: RGB Extension Cable Black 50cm x2. PWM Fan Extension Cable Black Sleeved 50cm.


Installs onto the rear side of the motherboard tray, please refer to user manual and documentation.

Cables Information

Please click here for more details and contact us at  with any questions.


Download Manuals
Cables Information

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 395 × 430 × 40 mm


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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. 0 votes
    Answered by the admin We have adaptors about to be launched for 90 degree 24pin and EPS connectors. Thats correct the 90 degree 24pin connectors are not just 90 degree but also flipped. They are close together so its best to do custom length cables based on your build. We will also be launching 180 degree PCIE adaptors 2 types which face two directions.
  2. 1 vote
    Q Do you have a list of other cases you'll be making powerboards for? answer now
    Asked by Jonathan Sherry on December 18, 2021 11:58 pm
    Answered by the admin We will be making PowerBoards for all popular cases, we are currently still waiting for all of the comments to come in so that we know which ones to prioritise next. Here is a list of what we were wanting to do next but we will probably do polls shortly. PC-O11 Mini, XL and EVO, Corsair 4000 Series and 1000D, Phanteks EvolvX, Fractal Torrent. Let me know any others you would like to see
  3. 0 votes
    Answered by the admin There is no power carrying limit on the PowerBoards but at least as many connectors will have to be plugged in on the input side as are used on the outputs. Except the PC-O11D Powerboard where there are 5 PCIE inputs, but 6 PCIE outputs, the extra power will be drawn from the EPS inputs, so plug all of them in, even if only one is used by the CPU. The PowerBoards with 1600W PSUs and volt modded and overclocked 3090s with no issues. We have also run sustained high power draw testing for over 8 months which is still running with no issues.
  4. 0 votes
    Q When will Performance-PCs have the PowerBoard Linking Cables in stock? answer now
    Asked by Dan S Kettler on December 16, 2021 2:21 pm
    Answered by the admin

    Yes they are working on listing PowerBoard Linking Cables currently in a range of different colours. We will also have standard black sleeved cables available on our store shortly. For perfect lengths we recommend custom cables though. We can provide all of the information needed to make custom cables at 

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