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Spectre 3.0 Integra Umbra 12VHPWR PowerBoard Upgrade
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Spectre 3.0 Integra Umbra 12VHPWR PowerBoard Upgrade

USD $99.00

The Spectre 3.0 Integra 12VHPWR PowerBoard is redesigned with drastically increased power capabilities. The PowerBoard is thickened and substantially widened to handle the power consumption required by 2x 12VHPWR connectors and it can supply more power to the CPU. This upgrade is for Spectre 3.0 Integra customers only and is subsidized to $99. It also comes included with a new motherboard tray for the distribution plate to fit the new wider PowerBoard.

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Core Component Connections: 24pin x1. 12VHPWR x2. PCIE 8pin x 3. 8pin EPS x4 (As many inputs must be used as outputs).
Hubs: PWM: x6. ARGB: x10 (Single input for each).
LEDs: x20 Integrated ARGB 90-degree LEDs and x15 UV 90-degree LEDs facing around the internal and external perimeter of the PowerBoard. There are two switches on the PowerBoard one switches the ARGB on or off and the other switches the UV on or off.
Touch sensing Power Button.
Extra Power and Reset Buttons.
PowerBoard LED on/off switch. (Requires reboot for setting to take effect).
PowerBoard 2.5” SATA 3.0 6Gb/s Direct Mount x1.
Package Dimensions: L: 500mm W: 350mm H: 50mm.
Package Weight: 2kg.

Included Items:
Spectre 3.0 Integra Umbra 12VHPWR PowerBoard.
Spectre 3.0 Integra Umbra Motherboard Tray with unique space object co ordinates.
Spectre 3.0 Integra Umbra Motherboard Tray satin black Rear Cover.

PowerBoard Integration:
The PowerBoard is a PCB integrating 24pin, PCIE and EPS along with PWM and ARGB Hubs, SATA and Power and Reset Buttons. The Spectre 3.0 Integra PowerBoard also has an integrated touch sensing Power Button. The PowerBoard has x20 ARGB LEDs positioned around the external and internal perimeter to optimally light up the distribution plate. Essentially the PowerBoard is a distribution plate for cables also integrating other features and functions. It is a new method for cables allowing standardization of cable lengths and making cable management no longer necessary. Spectre 3.0 Integra comes included with a standard set of black sleeved linking cables including 24pin x1, 8pin EPS x2, 8pin PCIE x3 meaning that these cables don’t have to be purchased separately.

Design & Engineering:
We are all experienced system builders at Singularity Computers having built high end water-cooled systems for over 15 years. Our approach to product development begins with a need for our own builds and so the origin is always function. From there we start to build ideas around this function and the aesthetics and everything else follows. The original idea for Spectre came from our years of building highly customized, high end water-cooled systems and trying to reduce the exceptionally long build times and complexity. Our approach to development is hands on, we are using our own products every day.
The aesthetics of Spectre originate from its function with one of the main aesthetic features (the distribution plate lighting) being something only made possible by the integration. We wanted the case to look skeletal and almost transparent enough to (in a way) disappear around the components. The metal components have been designed to enhance this with an extreme focus on detailed and complex multi sided CNC machining.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 550 × 350 × 50 mm
Product Dimensions

510 x 210 x 35 – 1.5kg

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