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SC Spectre 3.0 Penumbra Black
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SC Spectre 3.0 Penumbra Black

USD $1,799.00


Limited Edition

Spectre 3.0 Penumbra is a limited edition version of the Spectre 3.0 main Distribution Plate
It is a triple layer distribution plate with a black central layer and clear outer layers. The reservoir and cable management areas are transparent and still visible from both sides. The reservoir has twice the fluid volume of the stock reservoir. Penumbra has double the light sources compared to the stock Spectre 3.0, with 6 included ARGB LED strips and even a 7th LED strip position under the pump top (7th LED strip not included). It has three ARGB Gold and Silver interchangeable logos, and one of the rear logos displays the unique product number.
The Penumbra Distribution Plate is fully compatible with Spectre 3.0 and Spectre 3.0 Elite.

ETA: 3 weeks

D5 Pump not included.


Sold Out

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Complete The Look

Price for both: USD $2,248.00


Integrated Liquid Cooling Features:
Reservoir, D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Cover, Fill Port, Drain Port, roughly half of the cooling loop.

Integrated Cable Management Features:
Cable management channels with cable combs. 3x 8pin EPS on the left side of motherboard and up to two above the 24pin. 24pin Cable. SATA Data x2.
6x PCIE go through the PSU Top Shroud.

Reduced build time due to integration:
With the pump and reservoir combo and roughly half of the loop integrated there is less assembly to be done. Also, less fittings and tube are needed.
Cable management is also quicker, just clip your cables into the integrated cable combs and they are all perfectly aligned.

Integration Cost Component:
A large portion of the case cost is due to the integration. These are components you do not have to purchase for your build. The pump and reservoir combo, less fittings, less tube, no cable combs, or cable management components.

Theoretically the more integration the less compatibility. For Spectres integration the position of each integrated port and cable routing hole was carefully chosen based on statistics and our experience.

Integration & Optimization:
With the integration we did not just develop a case, we also had to develop all the integrated components. This meant that we could focus more on optimization than would normally be possible. The integrated loop routes in Spectre allow for more flow than 16mm tubes.
The pump top was designed for the D5 pump, maximizing flow to and from the distribution plate.
The reservoir was designed to remove air as quickly as possible making the loop easier to fill.
The fill port is at the highest point on the back for the case and the drain point at the lowest point.
The cable channels and combs are designed for 4mm sleeved cables. They can be clipped in very quickly and there is far less work to do for clean cable management.

High End Components:
Spectre 3.0 fits XL-ATX motherboards and has 8 expansion slots. It is designed for fit up to two RTX 3090s. It can fit the largest PSUs up to 220mm. For the cooling system it can fit 2x 360mm radiators 60mm thick with a single set of fans or 2x 360mm radiators 40mm thick with two sets of fans, and the powerful D5 pump.

Radiator Adjustment:
The radiator mounts have a large range of adjustment to help with port alignment to the distribution plate.

Spectre 3.0 has 6x 2.5” Drive positions. Two are on the top of the PSU shroud and there are four inside of the PSU shroud. The two on top of the PSU shroud cannot be used with vertically mounted GPUs.

Spectre 3.0 Penumbra - Product Collage

Manufacturing & Quality

Every component of Spectre is CNC machined from a solid block of material. With the level of transparency and being an open case, we wanted it to be a celebration of the raw materials. There is no hidden or back side, and this also goes for the components being installed. Due to this we selected the most high-end materials manufacturing process. The Distribution Plate is machined on a CNC router built from thick sheets of cast acrylic. It is hand assembled with silicone gaskets and stainless-steel fasteners, and pressure tested. The metal components are machined with Extreme Precision from solid blocks of 6061 aluminum on a CNC mill then sand blasted and anodized.

Design & Engineering

We are all experienced system builders at Singularity Computers having built high end water-cooled systems for over 15 years. Our approach to product development begins with a need for our own builds and so the origin is always function. From there we start to build ideas around this function and the aesthetics and everything else follows. The original idea for Spectre came from our years of building highly customized, high end water-cooled systems and trying to reduce the exceptionally long build times and complexity. Our approach to development is very hands on, we are doing real world testing every day.
The aesthetics of Spectre originate from its function with one of the main aesthetic features (the lighting) being something only made possible by the integration. We wanted the case to look skeletal and almost transparent enough to (in a way) disappear around the components. The metal components have been designed to enhance this with an extreme focus on detailed and complex multi sided CNC machining.


Water-cooling Integration: Reservoir, Pump Top, Pump Cover, Fill Port, Drain Port, Part of cooling loop.
Ports: x6 G1/4” BSPP. 1x Fill Port. 1x Drain Port.
Pump: (Not included): Compatible with all D5 pumps.
Cable Management Integration: Cable Channels with Cable Combs for 4mm Sleeved Cables: 48 total strands: 3 8pin EPS, 1x 24pin. 2x SATA Data. 2 of the 8pin EPS can be routed to both sides of the motherboard (3 can be used at the same time). Up to 6x PCIE 8pin cables can be routed through the PSU top shroud to the PSU (Not integrated into distribution plate).
Lighting Integration: 6 integrated DRGB 50CM LED Strips, 3 in the distribution plate and 3 in the case panels.
PWM & D-RGB Hub: PWM Headers x6. DRGB Headers x3. PWM & DRGB extension cables included to run the hub from your motherboard.
Motherboard Form Factor: XL-ATX (Up to: 285mm Wide & 343.5mm High).
E-ATX, ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX.
Expansion Slots: x8.
Case Form Factor: Mid Tower.
Package Dimensions: L: 640mm W: 620mm H: 110mm (Case comes flat packed).
Package Weight: 17kg.
Case Dimensions: L: 545mm H: 595mm W: 254mm.
Case Weight: 14.5kg.
Storage: 6x 2.5”. 4 can be used at the same time. 2 are on top of the PSU shroud and cannot be used with vertically mounted GPUs. 4 are inside of the PSU Shroud.
Radiators: 360mm x 60mm with 1 set of standard 25mm fans or 360mm x 40mm with 2 sets of standard 25mm fans.
Maximum GPU Length: 500mm.
Maximum GPU Height: 170mm in standard orientation. Unlimited in vertical orientation.
Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 170mm.
Maximum PSU Length: 220mm (Space allowed for cables).
Front Panel I/O: No Front I/O. Vandal Switch 16mm. White LED.
Vertical GPU Mount: x1 included. (2nd Vertical GPU Available Separately). Riser cable not included, our brackets are designed to fit this Linkup PCIE 4.0 Riser.
Vertical GPU Slot Spacing: x3 Slots (60mm).
Aquaero 6 LT Mount: On PSU bottom panel (Cannot be used with PSU Shroud Lower SSD Mount).
Materials: 6061 Aluminum Anodized. Cast Acrylic. Stainless Steel.
Manufacturing Process: CNC Mill, CNC Router.
Assembly: Distribution Plate Assembled by Hand. Metal Components need to be assembled by the customer.
Testing: All Distribution Plates are factory pressure tested.

Spectre 3.0 Penumbra Cable Lengths

24pin: 700mm.
8pin & 6pin PCIe: 400mm.
EPS: 750mm (Top left of motherboard) or 700mm (Top right of motherboard).

Included Items

  • Spectre 3.0 Penumbra Case: x1.
  • Integrated Components:
    • Reservoir: x1.
    • Pump Top: x1.
    • Pump Cover: x1.
    • Fill Port: x1.
    • Drain Port: x1.
    • Cable Combs: x1.
  • Hex Keys:
    • M3: x1
    • M4: x1.
    • M6: x1.
  • Cable Comb Sets: x1 (2 spare of each type).
  • Microfiber Cloth: x1.
  • Stop Fittings: x2.
  • 5v D-RGB 50cm LED Strip: x6.
  • 6mm Clear Cast Acrylic Side Panel Window: x1.
  • Vertical GPU Mount: x1.
  • PWM & D-RGB Hub: x1.
    • PWM Fan headers: 6x.
    • PWM Fan Female to Female Extension Cable.
    • D-RGB Headers: 3x.
    • D-RGB Female to Female Extension Cable.

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Download Manuals

Spectre 3.0 Penumbra Manual

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 640 × 620 × 110 mm
Custom Cables Lengths:

24pin: 700mm.
8pin & 6pin PCIe: 400mm.
EPS: 750mm (Top left of motherboard) or 700mm (Top right of motherboard).


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Questions and answers of the customers

    how limited is this edition? How many were made? I got one but now I see the darker version and am sad haha.
  1. 0 votes
    Q how limited is this edition? How many were made? I got one but now I see the darker version and a...... Read more answer now
    Asked by Aaron Quiroz on November 22, 2021 9:03 pm
    Answered by the admin Antumbra is also limited to 24 cases, there are currently 11 remaining which are available at Performance PCs.
  2. SC Spectre 3.0 Penumbra Black Has the delivery started yet?
  3. 0 votes
    Q SC Spectre 3.0 Penumbra Black Has the delivery started yet? answer now
    Asked by yongcaiye on October 7, 2021 12:36 pm
    Answered by the admin

    Yes we have delivered almost all Spectre 3.0 Penumbra. It is actually sold out now and we only have a few left to deliver.

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