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Spectre Integra-M Dual Loop Side Panel Dark
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Spectre Integra-M Dual Loop Side Panel Dark

USD $439.00

The Spectre Integra-M Dual Loop Side Panel is an addon for any version of Spectre Integra-M including Spectre Integra-MA. Essentially it is a mirror image of the main distribution plate, but with some port location and design changes to allow for one loop for the CPU, and one for the GPU/s. It is a replacement for the side panel window and mounts directly onto the side panel window mounts, along with an extra stand-off which attaches to the rear IO panel. It is designed to be as open as possible so that you can still see the most important parts of the build. The distribution plate section only really covers the sides of the radiators and fans which is like traditional windowed case side panels. It has a removable side panel, so it is easy to gain access to the case for loop building. It has an integrated D5 pump top, Protium 2.0 Pump Cover and two ARGB LED strips which come pre-installed. There are 4 ports which are positioned for the GPU loop and top radiator, and a fill and drain port. The main distribution plate layout works perfect for the CPU loop connected to the front radiator. The Spectre Integra-M Dual Loop Side Panel can be used in dual loops, single loop series or parallel, there are many options.
We have created two versions. The Spectre Integra-M Dual Loop Side panel is designed for the Spectre 3.0 Integra-M and Integra-MA and is built from clear acrylic. The Spectre Integra-M Dual Loop Side Panel Dark is designed for Spectre Integra-M Dark and has a 3mm Satin Black acrylic cover which is removable, a clear acrylic top layer and a grey tinted main rear layer.

Spectre Integra-M Dual Loop Side Panel Dark Gallery

  • *D5 Pump Cover

    Select D5 Pump Cover Cover colour to match your case.

    D5 Pump Plate

    The D5 Pump Plate seals off the integrated D5 pump top without installing a pump. This is so that the distribution plate can be used in a single loop without adding a second pump. This is in the situation where only one pump will be used or there is already a second pump installed in a separate D5 Reservoir combo.

    • 15 USD $

Water-cooling Integration:
Reservoir, Pump Top, Pump Cover, Fill Port, Drain Port, Parts of water-cooling loop.
Ports: x6 G1/4” BSPP. 1x Fill Port. 1x Drain Port.
Pump: (Not included): Compatible with all D5 pumps.
LED Strips: x2 50cm ARGB LED Strips with 50cm cables. (Attach to case panels on specific mounting points for front and top panel glow).
Package Dimensions: L: 536mm H: 578mm W: 130mm.
Package Weight: 3kg.
Product Dimensions: L: 479mm H: 490mm W: 80mm.
Product Weight: 2.5kg.
Materials: Cast Acrylic.
Manufacturing Process: CNC Router.
Assembly: Distribution Plate Assembled by Hand.
Testing/Validation: All Distribution Plates are factory pressure tested and precise fastener tension is applied.

Included Items:
Spectre Integra-M Dual Loop Side Panel.
Protium 2.0 D5 Pump Cover.

Design & Engineering:
We are all experienced system builders at Singularity Computers having built high end water-cooled systems for over 15 years. Our approach to product development begins with a need for our own builds and so the origin is always function. From there we start to build ideas around this function and the aesthetics and everything else follows. The original idea for Spectre came from our years of building highly customized, high end water-cooled systems and trying to reduce the exceptionally long build times and complexity. Our approach to development is hands on, we are using our own products every day.
The aesthetics of Spectre originate from its function with one of the main aesthetic features (the distribution plate lighting) being something only made possible by the integration. We wanted the case to look skeletal and almost transparent enough to (in a way) disappear around the components. The metal components have been designed to enhance this with an extreme focus on detailed and complex multi sided CNC machining.

Manufacturing, Quality:
Every component of Spectre is CNC machined from a solid block of material. With the level of transparency and being an open case, we wanted it to be a celebration of the raw materials. There is no hidden or back side, and this also goes for the components being installed. Due to this we selected the most high-end materials manufacturing process. The Distribution Plate is machined on a CNC router built from thick sheets of cast acrylic. It is hand assembled with silicone gaskets and stainless-steel fasteners, and pressure tested. The metal components are machined with Extreme Precision from solid blocks of 6061 aluminum on a CNC mill then sand blasted and anodized.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 536 × 578 × 130 mm
Product Dimensions

510 x 210 x 35 – 1.5kg

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